About Board Game Pets

Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games presented a single Tweet that would go on to form Board Game Pets.

"Can someone start a blog about board game designers'/publishers' pets? Interview style with the designers, mostly focusing on the pets. And plenty of photos, of course. I would be happy to participate."

The idea seemed so perfect and different from other forms of media and promotion in the board game industry I took the opportunity to create a site dedicated to showcasing the pets of board game personalities around the world.

Summer is a Golden Retriever we picked up from a breeder when she was 2 months old. She is still full of energy after nearly 12 years. She prefers the company of people over other dogs, especially her family. She is very loving to us and her snuggle partner, Izzy.

We adopted Izzy around 12 years ago from a shelter. We believe that she was around 1-2 years old at the time. She is a very loving cat that is best friends with our dog. She continues to be sweet, loving, and sociable, a rare combination in a cat.

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