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Pet Spotlight: Stonemaier Games

Posted on August 08, 2018 by Jim

Meet Biddy and Walter, the dynamic duo at Stonemaier headquarters. Friends, or Enemies? Like most siblings, it depends on the time of the day.

Walter (left) and Biddy (right) are two of the most dedicated workers at the Stonemaier offices. Biddy in particular, takes his play testing duties very seriously. He is very dedicated to making sure all components are comfortable enough to lay on before progressing to the next stage. You would think with their dedication that orange would be a playable color in more Stonemaier games.

Biddy has been with Jamey since he was a kitten, over 11 years ago. He is smart and social, as long as you have a few treats to pass his way. He tolerates his "little" brother, and tolerate is the key word.

Walter is the the new kid on the block, though Jamey isn't sure how old he actually is. He was originally adopted as a playmate for Biddy 5 years ago, but someone should have consulted Biddy first. He enjoys the simple life of sleeping and snuggling with his loved ones. He is kind of shy, so don't expect him to be visible when there is company. Occasionally, his frustrations get the better of him and Biddy will pay the price with a quick wrestling match.

Favorite Types of Games

Big box games. As much as Jamey includes games like For Sale and Fantasy Realms, the cats are not a fan of fillers. The boxes are too small.

Favorite Game

Hyperborea. Well at least the pieces are their favorite—they often run around Jamey’s condo with the miniatures in their mouths.

Favorite Game Component

The game box. The bigger the better.

Best part a member of Stonemaier Games

The packing materiel. Always something new to play with.

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